Bengaluru Girl Fights Back Against Sextortion

Jai Narayan Tiwari

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A young girl from Bengaluru, after several failed attempts at getting help from the authorities, finally sought the help of a private cyber sleuth to trace an 18-year-old boy who was allegedly trying to blackmail her into sleeping with him. 

The girl, who is in her twenties, was approached by the offender on Instagram. The accused allegedly showed her intimate pictures of her and threatened to share them with her family and friends unless she agreed to his demands, which included sex with him and money, 

The victim filed online complaints at, the national cybercrime portal, thrice along with screenshots of her conversations with the accused. She also wrote to the National Commission for Women (NCW) seeking help, but even that did not gain her any help from the authorities. Meanwhile, the offender kept contacting her using multiple accounts and kept up with his demands. 

Finally, the victim approached Cyber Bullying Awareness, Action & Prevention (Cyber BAAP), a private anti-cyber crime agency run by cyber expert Ritesh Bhatia and cyber psychologist Nirali Bhatia. 

“I traced the offender’s IP address and found that the same boy also tried the same with another girl earlier. I then sought help from Sanjay Sahay, former additional director general of police, Karnataka and with his help, the offender, an 18-year-old student with a known college in Bengaluru, was traced on September 23,” Mr Bhatia told CySpy India. 

After due counselling from Ms Bhatia, who helped the victim get over the trauma of the sustained torture, the victim decided to not press charges against the offender. 

“'We receive a minimum of 15 to 20 calls per day and out of them at least one case is of sextortion. There are many criminals who are doing this on a regular basis. The victim showed great courage in this case by coming forward and seeking help,” Mr Bhatia said. 


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